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"We are very pleased with emi’s services provided to us.  The work is always consistently performed to our requirements.  On the occasions when we need to request extra work such as trimming around the buildings to certain specifications or clearing certain areas, the new work is done immediately and exactly as needed.  We can always count on emi to keep our grounds looking spectacular!" Property maintained since 1990

"Over the years emi has provided us with outstanding lawn care, landscaping, pruning, and snow removal services. They are a great partner to have on our side."
Property maintained since 1992

"Emi has done excellent work for us, especially in extreme weather conditions. They are very responsive and take the extra time to make sure the customer is satisfied."
Property maintained since 2001

"The staff at emi has always listened to the vision that we had for our landscaping and incorporated our suggestions into the design of the landscape. Their vision and installation has been more than we could have imagined on our own. The staff is always helpful and professional, and our property is always well maintained. I would recommend them to anyone."
Property maintained since 2002
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Our objective is to make your job easier.

Ed Wigfield

Chief Problem Solver

serving commercial and industrial facilities

Our mission 

Growing relationships one solution at a time.

What makes us different ...

is our old-school philosophy. 

emi landscape is a hands-on company that puts the customer first. 

Everyone from the president down to the office staff will play in the dirt or push the snow

if necessary, to do what it takes to get

the job done.