Meet Evy, The Gatekeeper Of The emi Team

Though most of you probably haven’t met Evy face to face, she’s been a key force in leading the continued formation of our team during the past year. In her human resources role, Evy is responsible for keeping our team functioning and ready to serve our clients.

“I usually start my day reviewing the day’s attendance, making sure everyone is signed in and the absentee report is accurate,” she says. “Depending on what season we are in – snow or landscaping – I also capture what work was done as well as how much time & material was used, etc.”

Evy’s days are quite full. When she’s finished working on the day-to-day tasks of managing the team’s production, she also spends time on recruiting and hiring efforts for new employees, whether they’re landscapers, snow shovelers, or snow equipment operators.

“I review applicants, have phone interviews with qualifying applicants and, if they sound like a good fit, I set them up for in-person interviews with Bob or a supervisor,” she says. “Once they are hired, I then provide them with hire packets to fill out and help them get started on the right foot.”

And once they become part of the emi team, the cycle starts all over again.

Evy is also bilingual, so she’s integral in coordinating with our Spanish-speaking team members in translating conversations and paperwork.

“I also assist with different projects that need to be taken care of by the office – the projects depend on what season we’re in,” she says. “Every day there is something different going on; I rarely have the same workday twice, which makes my workday way more interesting.”

Prior to joining emi, Evy worked at Wells Fargo for 17 years, where she started as a phone banker and left as a Banker Coach Team Lead. After her banking career, she went to school and served as the administrator for an LPN school.

Evy brings a sense of professionalism to her job and strives to do her best work, noting that she’s a bit of a lifelong learner. “I have a passion for just wanting to learn as much as I possibly can in the field so that I am able to work at my best level possible,” she says.

When we talked to her about what makes emi special, she said “It’s family-oriented; it’s all about growth and teamwork. If quality is important to you then emi landscape is the company to choose. We strive on giving the best service/results.”

When she’s not working, Evy enjoys an active lifestyle. Spring is her favorite season because it’s not too hot and not too cold, but also beautiful.

“My favorite things to do are anything that has to do with comedy or music,” she says. “I love comedy shows and going to live performances! My favorite outdoor activities are hiking and kayaking.”

She admits she’s also very big on family, noting she has an amazing 22-year-old son, a brother and a sister (who is also her best friend), and parents who have been happily married for 45 years. Evy is the planner who gets everyone together for family dinners and cookouts which translates into her work life – where we enjoy the forward-thinking and planning mentality she brings to our team.

Thanks for all you do, Evy!