Commercial Landscape Enhancements

Corporate horticultural enhancements speak volumes.

commercial landscape enhancements
commercial landscape improvements

How you utilize your space tells a story of who you are as a company. It says something about you if you’re willing to give your employees a beautiful outdoor space they can access on their breaks, or willing to take additional steps to prove to your customers they’ve come to the right place.

At EMI Landscape, we have made it our mission to send a message with our customers’ spaces. We do this through a combination of landscaping and hardscaping, a perfect blend of beauty and functional space.

Whether your landscaping needs are for employee use or customer-facing, we will help guide you through the process, every step of the way. How? Well, we start by taking a pretty novel approach in the landscaping industry. We listen. We take the time to understand your goals, and by doing that, exceed them every time.

“At emi landscape, our maintenance package isn’t just a service. It’s a promise.”

Our most requested commercial landscape enhancements and upgrades include:

Tree Removal:
Safely and quickly removing every trace of unwanted trees

Tree & Shrub Planting:
Transform your space with large plants, which will grow with your business

Perennial Installation:
Add color, freshness, and positive energy to your outdoor spaces

Perennial Maintenance:
Keep your plants looking neat and tidy all season long

Stone Applications:
Protect your assets and meet requirements with new hardscaping

Native Plants:
Showcase native plants to help reduce water waste

Patios for break areas:
Show employees you care by providing them a beautiful break space

Pollinator gardens:
We are committed to encouraging local pollinator populations