emi Steps Up and Hits it Out of the Park

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Most of the time, emi is involved with projects from very early on, but that wasn’t the case with a spring project we completed in Alburtis. Unfortunately for the project manager, the original contractor for the plan went out of business over the winter.  Of course, the task still needed to be completed, and the… Read more »

Meet Cindy, Born for Business

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To say that emi CFO Cindy Wigfield was born into the business world would not be an exaggeration. As the daughter of a business owner, Cindy spent her early years not at home with a babysitter or getting dropped off at daycare…  “As a child, my ‘daycare’ was my family’s flower shop, gardens, and greenhouses,”… Read more »

Should I Use Brine on My Commercial Property?

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When sidewalks and parking lots get slippery, the first thing many commercial property owners think about is salt. But don’t sell yourself short!  There’s another tool in the winter toolbox that we like to suggest and that’s BRINE. How to Make Brine Solution Here at emi, we make our own brine. It’s a little bit… Read more »

When it Comes to Employee Appreciation: Let Your Landscape Do the Talking

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Did you know that many management experts believe every company actually has two sets of customers? There are “external” customers, who are the people who actually purchase your product or service. But then there’s also your “internal” customers, who are the employees that ensure your external customers are satisfied and happy. When you make the… Read more »