Everything You Need to Know About Annual Color Displays in the Greater Lehigh Valley

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Few things have the power to make your property shine like a lively display of annual color. Whatever the season, a burst of colorful blooms can brighten your entire landscape, accentuating existing features and bringing new life to your space. They can soften hard areas like patios or decking, cover-up gaps left by hibernating perennials,… Read more »

Meet Steve: Historic Novelist and emi Field Supervisor

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Steve Royer, emi Field Supervisor, has been helping things run smoothly on-site for almost five years. From quality checks and team support to applying the finishing touches to jobs, Steve ensures that our crews have everything they need to succeed. Before joining our team, Steve ran a woodworking business (and still crafts wooden signs alongside… Read more »

The Benefits of Perennial Gardens for Commercial Properties in PA

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With so much going on with your commercial property, you want a landscape that can thrive without too much input. This is why the best plants for commercial sites provide a high level of functionality and form without requiring too much maintenance. It’s no wonder then that perennials are the number one choice for commercial… Read more »

Lehigh Valley Commercial Snow Removal Procurement Timeline

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Snow removal procurement is based on a 52-week seasonal cycle, which commences in the spring. This timeline lays out every step of the process, from requesting initial information through to the conclusion of the contract, and follows the best practices recommended by the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA). Followed correctly, this timeline ensures commercial… Read more »

Meet Matt: The Glue that Holds the emi Family Together

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Matt Mientus has been taking care of emi’s mowing clients for almost a decade, first as a crew member and now as head of the division. A former personal trainer, Matt switched out barbells for push mowers in 2012 to join our team!  He has since gained a roster of qualifications and awards, including SIMA’s… Read more »