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Winter Work from emi Landscape

There was a TV show not long ago that used to say ‘winter is coming.’ They said it quite a lot actually. And while I’ve gone through and erased that show from my memory thanks to its abysmal final season, credit where credit is due. Winter is in fact coming.  emi landscape is based in […]

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emi landscape prepares for snow

emi landscape prepares for the snow season in the Lehigh Valley

As a commercial property manager, you know how much time you spend trying to make sure your properties are hazard-free and accessible during winter months. With so much on your plate, it can be hard for you to do all the preparation alone.  When you choose emi landscape as your snow contractor, our preparation process […]

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commercial snow removal

How to Select the Best Snow Contractor: A Guide for Commercial Property Managers

Most of us in the Landscaping industry know that you start preparing for winter well before the temperatures plummet. However, it can be easy to forget that the snow season is just around the corner when we’re still lounging poolside.  If you own or manage a commercial property, you know that snow can be unpredictable […]

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Should I Use Brine On My Commercial Property?

When sidewalks and parking lots get slippery, the first thing many commercial property owners think about is salt. But don’t sell yourself short!

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What Snow Removal Companies Do When It Isn’t Snowing

I used to have this question all the time when I was a kid: What does Santa do when it isn’t Christmas.

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Lehigh Valley Commercial Snow Removal Procurement Timeline

Snow removal procurement is based on a 52-week seasonal cycle, which commences in the spring.

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