Introducing Donna Danenhower: emi’s Horticulture Team Leader

When people describe someone as “having a green thumb” it usually means that they have a special talent for helping plants grow. A green-thumbed person has more than just experience, dedication, and knowledge about horticulture. They also have a magic touch when it comes to the natural world.

Under their care flowers bloom brighter, leaves are greener, and trees seem to reach that little bit taller than usual. They possess an exceptional gift for nurturing living things, that goes beyond what you can learn in books. When we describe our Horticulture Team Leader Donna Danenhower as having a green thumb, this is what we mean.

Donna joined emi back in 2011 as a part-time assistant and helped Cindy to manage a particularly busy fall season. She brought with her more than 25 years of experience at a local garden center, as well as an extraordinary ability to spot things that most people would miss. As a former member of the US army, this attention to detail makes a lot of sense.

One year on we realized we couldn’t do without her, and asked her to join the team full-time. Luckily for us, she said yes!

Now, Donna leads our horticulture team. As well as cultivating all of our annuals and perennials, she manages weed control in our client’s plant beds, tree rings, and stone areas, putting her pesticide license to good use to keep our properties thriving. Her extensive knowledge of plant species means that she is the team’s go-to for questions and advice. If a plant is worth knowing, Donna is probably an expert on it.

As you might expect for someone so in touch with nature, Donna is a keen walker, and can often be found exploring the coast with her dogs. She loves being outdoors and is also a skilled horse rider. When the weather isn’t cooperating, Donna enjoys curling up with a good book or working on her latest knitting project.

We hope you’ll all join us in giving Donna a big (green) thumbs up for everything she does here at emi. Nobody works harder or attracts more praise from clients, and without her, EMI just wouldn’t be the same. Thank you, Donna!