Meet Matt: The Glue That Holds The Emi Family Together

Matt Mientus has been taking care of emi’s mowing clients for almost a decade, first as a crew member and now as head of the division. A former personal trainer, Matt switched out barbells for push mowers in 2012 to join our team!

He has since gained a roster of qualifications and awards, including SIMA’s operations employee of the year, demonstrating that you can achieve anything with hard work, ambition, and a positive attitude. Now, as emi’s Turf Division Manager, Matt is the driving force behind some of our biggest contracts, keeping our crews motivated with his unshakeable commitment to teamwork.

Matt starts his day at 5:45 am when he arrives at the office to prepare for site visits. He inspects the previous day’s work and checks on clients, somehow managing to be back in time to greet crews on their return to the office. After a day’s work, Matt returns home to his wife and their three-year-old daughter, sometimes squeezing in a family fishing session when the weather is good. In September, Matt will celebrate his fifth wedding anniversary with his wife – aww!

Outside of work Matt is a big outdoors guy and looks forward to the hunting season every winter. He is in the rare minority of people that prefer the snow to the sun, and actively enjoys plowing snow after a heavy storm. During the summer, he seeks out ocean breezes in Cape May and tries to fit in at least two games of golf each month.

For Matt, emi is more than just a day job. Over the years he says his colleagues have become like a second family, with Cindy taking on the role of mom and Bob the cool, older brother. Anyone who has worked with Matt will know just how hard he works to make everyone feel included, and will no doubt appreciate his expertise and can-do attitude as much as we do.