Meet Steve: Historic Novelist And Emi Field Supervisor

Steve Royer, emi Field Supervisor, has been helping things run smoothly on-site for almost five years. From quality checks and team support to applying the finishing touches to jobs, Steve ensures that our crews have everything they need to succeed.

Before joining our team, Steve ran a woodworking business (and still crafts wooden signs alongside his day job!) He was introduced to the company via a friend in 2016, and initially, he had no intention of staying for more than a year. However, Steve’s persistence and eye for detail quickly established him as an essential member of the team, and after just twelve months, he was promoted to team leader.

Since then Steve has continued to rise through the ranks and, luckily for us, has no intention of leaving anytime soon.

He said: “It was a great decision working here. Knowing there are always opportunities for me to learn more excites me, and there’s a lot of room for growth.”

Now, Steve spends his days supporting our crews on the ground, making sure everything runs smoothly and applying the finishing touches to projects. For him, seeing a neglected site transformed into a beautiful one is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job, and he never tires of following the process.

As an active member of the emi community, Steve also loves taking part in our company cookouts and events and told us that the relaxed, family atmosphere here at emi is one of his favorite aspects of the job.

He said: “I’ve worked a lot of corporate jobs and I like the fact we get together and have cookouts and joke around. The days have a laid-back feeling to them, even though we get the work done to a high standard. This work requires persistence and being willing to challenge yourself, but it is always rewarding.”

When he’s not at work, Steve can be found doing what he loves most: writing historical fiction. A keen historian and psychiatry buff, Steve recently published a book on Allentown State Hospital and plans to author more in the future. In September, the wordsmith will take to the freeway for a two-week road trip to California, camping along the way.

Everyone here at emi appreciates Steve’s hard work, persistence, and supportive attitude. We’re privileged to work with such fantastic people, and Steve is one of the best.