When It Comes To Employee Appreciation: Let Your Landscape Do The Talking

Did you know that many management experts believe every company actually has two sets of customers? There are “external” customers, who are the people who actually purchase your product or service. But then there’s also your “internal” customers, who are the employees that ensure your external customers are satisfied and happy.

When you make the effort to ensure that your internal customers are happy, able to effectively do their jobs, and maintain a degree of job satisfaction, you naturally set them up to succeed. More importantly, this support shows that you appreciate their efforts and consider them a valued part of your company team.

There are many ways to show your employees – those “internal” customers – this support. We’d like to offer a few ideas as ways to show you value their presence and effort this quarter:

1) A Beautiful, Attractive Workplace

Maintaining a neat, clean, and visually attractive physical workplace sends a quiet message to both your employees and your customers. It shows that you take pride in your company and want your image to be one of professionalism and expertise, regardless of your industry.

While many of us only think of curb appeal when buying or selling a home, maintaining the curb appeal of your business sends the same message. Landscaping doesn’t need to be over the top or excessive to be beautiful. Nicely maintained green space, trimmed bushes, perennial flowers, or pops of annuals all send a terrific message about your company

2) A Devoted Outdoor Break Area For Employees

One of the most powerful ways to ensure productivity is to take a break! But how effective is that break if it simply means your employees remain at their desks, squeeze into a breakroom or find a spot to sit on some boxes?

Creating a space, even a small one, outdoors where your employee can step outside, grab a little sunshine and breathe some fresh air, can work wonders for their mental health and productivity. emi can help you create a pleasing, attractive, and functional space that all employees can enjoy, whether it’s for a short break or lunchtime.

3) Spread Cheerfulness With Seasonal Displays

Whether you are the lone tenant in your building or part of a complex, seasonal displays spread cheerfulness. Adding potted displays that can be changed out seasonally at your entrance gives your employees a great start to the day with little effort.

4) A Safe And Secure Place To Park And Walk

Never underestimate how much a clean sidewalk and safe parking lot can set the mood for employees arriving and leaving the workplace.

An emi contract for snow removal ensures that your sidewalks are clean and salted and walking to the car does not mean dodging snow and ice. These services are especially important in the waning weeks of winter when snowstorms can be quick, wet, heavy, and unpredictable.

5) Consider Bringing The Outdoors Inside

Let’s face it, work environments tend to be busy, productive places, and natural light is almost always at a premium (or even non-existent) for some employees. But that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate low-light plants or cut flowers into the workplace, especially at points that have heavy employee traffic, such as designated employee entrances, common meeting areas, or internal break/lunchrooms.

According to a 2015 study of 7,600 offices workers in 16 countries, nearly two-thirds of workers reported having no live plants in their workspaces. Those who did enjoy live plants also reported something that doesn’t surprise us: environments that incorporated natural elements reported a 15% greater well-being score and a 6% higher productivity score than those who didn’t.

It’s the start of a new year, and we can help you kick off 2022 with a great start by integrating these new ideas into your workplace.

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