emi Steps Up and Hits it Out of the Park 

Most of the time, emi is involved with projects from very early on, but that wasn’t the case with a spring project we completed in Alburtis.

Unfortunately for the project manager, the original contractor for the plan went out of business over the winter.  Of course, the task still needed to be completed, and the general contractor on the project was seeking a company that could come in and successfully do two things: first repair some work that had been done correctly, and second properly finish the design. 

This was not a small job either, with a significant budget to properly complete. 

emi was selected to take the project over the finish line based on the general contractor’s previous knowledge and experience in working with us. We have an existing relationship with them as they have built many buildings for our maintenance clients and they often rely on us to improve those buildings post-construction.

The project had a reasonably large punch list and one that needed quite a bit of expertise.

There were many areas that had poor turf conditions or no turf at all. We either had to aerate and overseed or completely grade and seed certain areas. Many trees had died, some were the wrong variety, or others were not planted at all. Our team essentially had to replace and then install all new plants.

That inventory included several evergreens and five 6-inch caliper deciduous trees. With that large of a caliper, these trees were about 28 to 30 feet tall! Larger trees and a professional landscape design are a way to give the landscape of a new construction project some early polish as the planting settle in, establish themselves and start to grow. 

emi began work on the project in March and wrapped up work in May, just as the spring weather transitioned into the warmer summer months. It was perfect timing for a job well done, and for the new owners of the property.