emi landscape prepares for the snow season in the Lehigh Valley

As a commercial property manager, you know how much time you spend trying to make sure your properties are hazard-free and accessible during winter months. With so much on your plate, it can be hard for you to do all the preparation alone. 

When you choose emi landscape as your snow contractor, our preparation process will give you time to focus on keeping your employees productive and safe during the holiday season. You don’t need to stress about the snow pile-up in the parking lot or walkways covered in ice. Our dependable fleet will be there for you around the clock efficiently removing snow and melting ice from your property.

How emi Prepares Commercial Properties for Snow Services 

Preparation is key to the success of your properties. At emi, we plan all year long before we get a chance to even see snow. When we get closer to the colder months, each property goes through an assessment and preparation phase that consists of:

  • Staking —Stakes or posts are strategically placed around the boundaries of your property to identify to operators the snow removal perimeters. These stakes help to avoid any potential damage or hazards while plowing.
  • Snow Equipment Transfer & Staging — Oftentimes our snow equipment is staged on-site for you so that snow services can begin immediately when our crews arrive.
  • Filing Satellite Salt Bins: We ensure that salt bins are filled prior to the season start and replenished frequently. A proper covering prevents precipitation from bonding and aids in the removal of remaining snow or ice. 
  • Brine Silos Transfer & Staging — Our brine ice melt solution is mixed with a magnesium-based additive to keep walkways safe. These silos are stored at specific sites and can hold up to 5,000 gallons of brine!  

Company-Wide Snow Process Training 

At emi, we don’t just get through storms, we plan on them. 

We kick start the winter by providing several company-wide training seminars that educate our entire staff on how to provide first-rate snow and ice removal services. 

Important topics we discuss to prepare for the snow season are: 

Preparation & Communication

Not only is communication with our clients important, but it’s also important to have internal communication throughout all departments. By establishing our pre and post-storm procedures we provide reliable results in unpredictable weather.

Equipment Management 

The best way to prevent service interruptions from equipment failure is to ensure crews are qualified to operate our snow machinery. Our crews complete industry-approved certifications and detailed demonstrations so that they can become highly skilled snow operators (more information detailed below). 

Weather Monitoring

At emi, one of our best assets is our ability to assess the forecast and its severity. By utilizing our select weather radar systems, we stay one step ahead for our clients to provide timely and reliable service. We utilize Weatherworks for precipitation warnings and their team gives us a detailed orientation to the program in one of our classes. 

Our snow meetings are an effective way to get everyone on the same page and solidify our communication throughout all departments. We walk away from these lessons feeling like we’re ready for anything Mother Nature throws our way!

SIMA Certifications for All Team Members

Ok, we get it. It doesn’t snow every day in Lehigh Valley. We have to keep ourselves busy in the times that the snow isn’t falling and we can’t perform landscaping work. 

At emi, we don’t fly into the risk of danger, we play it safe. To avoid any accidents, our snow crews are provided with a multi-step training process. We’re proud to regularly partner with SIMA, a non-profit trade association that focuses on training and best practices related to snow plowing, ice management, and business management.  Through their guidance, we have set up a series of certifications that our team members can receive.

All new team members can test for the ASM (Advanced Snow Manager) certification from SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association).  This gives them a baseline understanding of how to perform many aspects of snow removal.  Once they have passed all 4 sections of the ASM, they move on to the Liquids in Snow Removal certificate.  The purpose of this certification is to provide training on the proper use of brine applications.  Finally, the holy grail of snow certifications, the CSP (Certified Snow Professional), prepares them to perform safety duties, assess risks and evaluate hazards. (In fact, with the CSP they can essentially run a snow removal business themselves!) 

Let It Snow ❄️❄️❄️❄️ !!!!


Fall Cleanup: The emi Way

Most of us in Pennsylvania know Fall has arrived when the foliage lights up the Poconos Mountains in vibrant hues of deep reds, burnt oranges, and bright yellows from mid-September to mid-October. 

Meanwhile, here in Central Pennsylvania, our foliage doesn’t peak until a few weeks later in late October. Some of our local species such as Bradford Pears and Oaks will even stubbornly hold onto their leaves until the late winter!

That is why at emi landscape we carefully inspect every site to ensure that we are planning fall clean-up based on when your local trees shed their leaves. Therefore, as the seasons change, so do our landscaping routines. emi follows a fall clean-up routine that ensures your properties are set up for success year after year.

What is a Fall Cleanup and When Do They Begin?

Our maintenance contracts provide fall clean-up services that include: mowing, removing leaves and debris, weed control, cutting back perennials, and fertilizing. 

Our fall cleanup service can include up to two visits. Your account’s maturity and the length of the client relationship will determine the number of visits required. Depending on what the weather permits for each year, the first round often starts in late October, and the second round follows in late November to early December. Additional mowing may be needed in between fall cleanups. 

1 – Blow then Mow

We start fall clean-ups by using leaf blowers throughout the property to ensure that any leaves in tree rings, in beds, or in pocketed areas are blown into the grass so that they can be bagged or mowed. 

Afterward, we carefully mow the entire area so that any debris left behind is chopped up with our gator blades. By mowing the leaves and finely chopping them, they will drop between the blades of grass into the soil surface. As the leaves naturally decompose, they will contribute to the organic matter present and nutrients will be released for the turf to utilize. When we are finished, there should be a very light layer of dry leaves covering the surface with visible turf just beneath it. 

Any areas with thick, heavily saturated leaves will be manually bagged to avoid choking out the grass. In more serious debris conditions, we will instruct that the leaves are blown out to the curb and our vacuum will be brought on site for removal.

2 – Weed Control

At this time of year, weeds are still visible and growing. However, our chemical applications are not as effective due to the temperature changes, so our crews help control weeds by hand pulling weeds when necessary.

3 – Fertilize 

In between the fall clean-up services, we offer slow-release nitrogen fertilization applications. Fall is a great time to fertilize because it provides the turf’s root systems carbohydrates to store throughout the winter to withstand dormancy.

The turf will make use of the reserves to protect them against winter damage and disease. Fall fertilization can also increase a fuller and greener lawn come spring. 

Add A Pop of Color To the Autumn Season 

Here at emi, we believe that landscaping should never be bland! Apart from the maintenance contract, we offer seasonal color services at an additional cost

Our fall color consists of different designs and displays that may include: pansies, chrysanthemums, kale, pumpkins, and hay/straw bales.  

The annual color displays can be modified to meet your specific design needs. Fall annuals come in a variety of different colors, grow quickly, and provide color throughout the autumn season. 

Fall color and seasonal displays are typically installed in the last two weeks of September. 

Winter is Coming – Be Prepared

Now is the perfect time to ensure that you have a snow provider. Set up for success this winter by contacting us today so our highly skilled snow experts can provide first-rate snow removals on your property. 
At emi, we start preparing for winter by setting up our equipment on-site in late October to ensure effective and efficient snow removal for our clients. 



Meet Dennis Lazicky, Committed to Success

At emi landscape, we are always excited for highly skilled professionals to join our team. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to one of our newest members, Dennis Lazicky. 

Despite Dennis being a relatively new member of the team, he certainly doesn’t lack experience. Through his dedicated time in the green industry, he has a profound understanding of everything landscaping. With 38 years of knowledge, he is happy to tell you about his long and winding career path (that is if you have a few minutes to spare) from contributing to the success of large companies like Brightview and TruGreen to even running his own business, it’s safe to say Dennis is an invaluable asset to our team. 

His commitment to success doesn’t just stop there. While juggling his career and being a dedicated father and husband, Dennis graduated with his Management degree from Devry University. In addition to his education, he is also OSHA30 certified and holds his pesticide applicators license. 

Dennis now puts his rich background to use as an Operations Team Manager here at emi. He’s an early riser and one of the first people to get into the office every morning to dispatch the maintenance and detail crews. He is passionate about focusing on his team members and learning the business side of the company with Bob, which he thinks is a nice change of pace coming from his corporate background. While he considers himself an autumn-loving kind of guy, he looks forward to managing his territory this snow season. 

One thing we noticed right off the bat is that Dennis takes safety seriously. He is already focusing on providing an update to the safety program here at emi. He will assist in getting the company up to date with robust training procedures, and ensure that everybody is certified on the operating equipment. Although Dennis doesn’t mind some time spent behind the computer screen, he says, “I love being out in the field, being out on the properties, being with the crews, and providing hands-on training.” 

Dennis was born and raised in East Millstone New Jersey where he has always been known to lend a helping hand. He spent 22 years volunteering as a firefighter at the Millstone Valley Fire Department. He even helped assist the secret service in providing protection for a former US President who visited his hometown. What can’t he do?! 

While Dennis loves New Jersey, he happily relocated here to Pennsylvania in 2004 to enjoy the laid-back and relaxing atmosphere that this state has to offer. When he finally takes a break, he loves going to his vacation home on Peach Lake where he enjoys boating, fishing, and relaxing with his family. 

Despite the promise of change at emi, Dennis finds things to be familiar at the same time. He says, “When I started talking with Bob and Cindy, I felt very comfortable with them and the potential with the company. I’m looking forward to seeing where we can take this company in the near future and beyond.” 

Let’s celebrate our newest member, Dennis!



Familiar Yet “Brand” New Company Logo!

When you’re doing what you love, time flies without you knowing it. It’s hard to believe that emi landscape (back then known as Estate Maintenance Inc.) first started in 1983. Boy, have times changed!

We have grown exponentially, from basic residential lawn mowing to complete commercial/industrial turf maintenance programs that may also include snow removal services, street sweeping, and enhancements that add color and value to our client’s properties.  Along the way, we have grown amazing relationships with our clients ( some since the 1980s) and our vendors. Your faith and support are always so appreciated!!  Additionally, our “emi” family has expanded so much that one shop was not enough to house all of us! 

Still The Same Company

But even with all the growth and changes throughout our journey, one thing has stayed the same.  We do what we say we are going to do.  We have a razor-sharp focus on our 

five core values that we let guide our daily activities and decisions:

  • Fanatical attention to detail 
  • Grow yourself, grow your team 
  • Show efficiency with every step 
  • Build & maintain lasting relationships
  • Relentless commitment to getting the job done

We continually invest in and support our team members. For example, to enhance our winter services and promote safety during harsh snowy conditions, training through our professional snow management organization has been a top priority.  We are proud to share that we have 19 Advanced Snow Managers, as well as 2 Certified Snow Professionals. We also have 6 staff members with certificates of completion for the Fundamentals of Anti-Icing and Liquids.  We believe education with experience enables our team members to anticipate and create solutions for our clients. 

A Brand Refresh 

Change is constant and let’s be honest; what hasn’t changed in the past three years?  

At emi landscape, a major change occurred on January 1, 2021, as one generation stepped back for another one to move forward. And that’s what has fueled our decision to update the official emi brand. In the early ’90s the founder of emi, Ed Wigfield, knew a talented man who painted race cars to lend his creative insight in producing a new logo as emi landscape transitioned from residential properties to commercial properties. And he worked cheaply – his total compensation for the new logo was a six-pack of beer! Oh!  The good old days!

Over the past year and a half, Bob has had time to settle in as the new captain at the helm. He believes the time is right to give our brand a refresh, one that reflects where we’ve come from as well as where we’re going.

Unveiling Our New Logo

We are so excited to unveil our new logo and our new website as part of this ownership change. 

There are three trees in our new logo, which reflect the first generation that created the roots of our organization, our current generation which expanded the vision, and the future that holds endless possibilities, be it Bob’s two daughters or simply the new generation of workers to join our fold.

We believe this logo better reflects who we are, what we do, and where we dare dream to be. 

We hope you like our familiar, yet “brand” new company as much as we do! 2023 will be our 40th year in business.   We are so proud to call the Lehigh Valley our home!

We want to thank our clients, our team members, and our vendors who have contributed to the success of emi landscape.  We look forward to the next 40 years!



How to Select the Best Snow Contractor: A Guide for Commercial Property Managers

Most of us in the Landscaping industry know that you start preparing for winter well before the temperatures plummet. However, it can be easy to forget that the snow season is just around the corner when we’re still lounging poolside. 

If you own or manage a commercial property, you know that snow can be unpredictable and can cause potential damage and accidents if left unattended. It’s important to know what to look for in a snow provider so that you can get the most out of your snow removal services. Here are some key things to look for in a snow contractor to ensure your properties are safe and accessible this snow season. 

commercial snow removal

Services Provided

Securing a reliable snow contractor begins with finding out the services that are provided. We don’t need any more surprises during the snow season, so make sure to ask clarifying questions so that your unique contract specifies your property’s desired scope of work. 

Important details to ask your potential snow removal provider:

  • What preventive measures do you take before the snow season begins?
  • Can your equipment remove snow and ice from parking lots, driveways, entrances, and sidewalks? 
  • Do you haul snow off-site? 
  • Do you provide salt, brine, or other de-icing solutions? 

At emi Landscaping, our commercial snow plowing and ice control package includes snow plowing, snow hauling, ice control, sidewalk clearing, salt applications, and brine applications

Starting Services

We start preparing for the snow season as early as Spring. This allows us time to get to know our client’s specific needs and to provide any answers or solutions to questions that may pop up before the snow season. We provide site inspections and clean-ups in anticipation of the temperatures dropping so snow can go as smoothly as possible. 

In the fall, we will start transferring our equipment on-site to provide efficient and effective snow and ice management services. We also make sure that all of our properties are staked for safety before a single snowflake falls.

Turnaround Time

How soon will your contractor show up? Most professional snow and ice management contractors have on-call crews 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Additionally, it is important to clarify with your provider if there is a certain amount of snowfall that needs to be acquired before services are set in motion.

At emi Landscaping we understand the need for a dependable business and offer snow services 24 hours a day. Depending on the site specifics, we offer snow equipment to be brought on-site starting in fall to ensure snow and ice management is timely and effective. Our snow professionals regularly monitor the forecast to always stay a step ahead. 

Insurance & Safety

One of the most important, but often overlooked aspects of snow removal services are verifying the property’s insurance. Employees should receive regular training on safely operating snow equipment. Due to the snow and icy conditions, it’s important to verify that the company is properly insured in case of any accidents.

At emi Landscaping, we take snow removal and ice management seriously. We provide our professional crews with additional in-season training and are active members of SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association). 

Equipment Used

Due to the unstable weather in winter, it’s important that the equipment being used is of high quality and is regularly checked to ensure reliable performance. This guarantees the safety and quality of the work provided. Higher quality equipment ensures higher quality service.

emi Landscaping is proud to provide top-of-the-line equipment for all of your snow and ice needs. We understand that it’s not a one size fits all approach and utilize different high-quality equipment to service the small or large areas on your property. 

One of our favorite pieces of equipment used at emi is the BOSS Snowrator. This is a multi-faceted machine that can be used for plowing snow AND spraying brine. In turn, the Snowrator assists in our crew’s ability to produce quick and worthwhile results.

Choose the Best Commercial Snow Removal Contractor in Pennsylvania 

We all know how tedious winter can be. Selecting a highly skilled contractor with reliable services can keep your property easily accessible during the extremes of winter. At emi Landscaping, we have been servicing commercial properties for 35 years and have snow professionals available to you 24/7.

Contact emi Landscaping today so that we can ensure a safe and productive winter for your business together! 



emi Steps Up and Hits it Out of the Park 

Most of the time, emi is involved with projects from very early on, but that wasn’t the case with a spring project we completed in Alburtis.

Unfortunately for the project manager, the original contractor for the plan went out of business over the winter.  Of course, the task still needed to be completed, and the general contractor on the project was seeking a company that could come in and successfully do two things: first repair some work that had been done correctly, and second properly finish the design. 

This was not a small job either, with a significant budget to properly complete. 

emi was selected to take the project over the finish line based on the general contractor’s previous knowledge and experience in working with us. We have an existing relationship with them as they have built many buildings for our maintenance clients and they often rely on us to improve those buildings post-construction.

The project had a reasonably large punch list and one that needed quite a bit of expertise.

There were many areas that had poor turf conditions or no turf at all. We either had to aerate and overseed or completely grade and seed certain areas. Many trees had died, some were the wrong variety, or others were not planted at all. Our team essentially had to replace and then install all new plants.

That inventory included several evergreens and five 6-inch caliper deciduous trees. With that large of a caliper, these trees were about 28 to 30 feet tall! Larger trees and a professional landscape design are a way to give the landscape of a new construction project some early polish as the planting settle in, establish themselves and start to grow. 

emi began work on the project in March and wrapped up work in May, just as the spring weather transitioned into the warmer summer months. It was perfect timing for a job well done, and for the new owners of the property.