emi’s Annual Celebration 2022

Our employees are the backbone of our company, and we’re proud to say that we have an excellent team here at emi. We work hard, support each other and always strive to reach our goals. To honor how far we’ve come, we host an annual celebration to come together, have some fun, and show our gratitude for each other. 

This year, we hosted our company celebration at the Bear Creek Mountain Ski Resort in Macungie, PA. Nestled among snow-tipped mountains, this rustic lodge is an ideal spot for a laid-back get-together with a tasty open-style buffet and a refreshing cocktail.

At emi, we believe the more the merrier! So, our employees are encouraged to invite friends and family to our celebration. This year, it resulted in nearly 70 people showing up. 

As much as our community enjoys the quality time spent together at these gatherings,  we figure one can’t go wrong with the fun of raffling! We provide a large raffle where employees and even guests are welcome to join in on the chance to win some prizes. 

We raffle out three main prizes: a Boonie Pizza Oven, TV Nintendo Switch, and 40+ other prizes that are available for friends and family.

Having a supportive community is essential to us at emi. Our trusted vendors at our event noted how “tight-knit” of a group we have and the strong company culture at our party. We always look forward to these get-togethers because they help us tighten the team’s connection. We ended this year on a high note!