Keep Your Parking Lot Clean With Lehigh Valley’s Street Sweeping Services

Parking lots are more than a place to park your car–they are an extension of your property. They are often the first impression your customers get when they drive up, and can potentially make or break a transaction.

That’s why at emi, we have a solution for your property to keep it clean, free of debris, and looking its best. Our parking lot sweeping services can provide your property with that extra push to ensure your properties are always safe, clean, and accessible. 

What Do Parking Lot Sweepers Do? 

Parking lot sweepers are not often thought of when it comes to landscaping, but they can be a very beneficial service. While there are many different types of sweepers, they all have one purpose in common: to remove dirt and debris from your parking lot. Most sweepers are compromised of two spinning brushes to dust up the debris, which is then collected by the suction system located under the machine. Essentially, this is a large vacuum for exterior spaces like parking lots. 

There are different varieties of sweepers, but at emi we use the best. That’s why we rely on the Raptor, the Nightwak Street Sweeper–it’s just as powerful as it sounds. This sweeper has an advanced hydraulic system to sweep everything in its path. The gutter brooms simply sweep debris into the vacuum for easy cleanup. Not only is this thing a powerhouse, but it’s a quiet one too. It’s best used on our commercial sites and has the endurance to handle large amounts of debris. 

Let emi Handle The Mess 

While parking lot sweepers can handle most of the work, we don’t just stop there. You’ll see our crews on the ground while the vacuum is going to help blow out debris on every corner and every fence line. Not only do we blow out debris, but any trash that cannot get vacuumed up is hand removed and disposed of off-site. We even perform our sweeping services at night to the early morning when fewer people are around to avoid disturbing anyone in the area. We can provide these services as much as needed, with no lead time necessary. If you have a time-sensitive event, the emi team will be there!

Yet, as we know in landscaping, things vary by season and so do our methods. Here’s what you can expect from parking lot sweeping at emi each season:  

  • Spring:  We clear away the winter mess that is leftover from the plows.
  • Summer: We keep our eyes peeled for the tiniest pieces of debris, so our crew can cruise through the property and have it spotless in no time. 
  • Fall:  This time of year can bring a lot of debris, so our crew’s main focus is vacuuming and removing leaves on site. 

The Advantages of Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lot sweeping is a service that not only provides a pristine and functional space but also comes with more benefits than some may not even realize. The top four advantages of parking lot sweeping are: 

  1. Customer Satisfaction: A maintained parking lot draws in visitors, decreases littering, and promotes a healthier environment. This, in turn, drives business and attracts new customers.
  2. Public Safety: Sweeping dirt and debris help remove pollutants out of storm drains and on the property. 
  3. Prevents Vehicle Damage: Believe it or not, sweeping helps to stop trucks from getting flat tires! A lot of debris circles around parking lots that can cause damage to tires and vehicles. By sweeping the lot regularly, the debris is removed before it can cause any damage. Ironically, our street sweeper gets a flat tire almost every night out. 
  1. Pavement Durability: Over time, asphalt and other pavements can give way to all of the traffic and debris that gets littered on them. This can cause major problems for property owners like dangerous potholes and cracked pavement. Regularly sweeping the parking lot can extend the life of your pavement and help you to avoid hazardous conditions. 

Managing a property is no easy feat! Why not let the professionals at emi Landscaping do the dirty work for you? 
Whether you need sweeping services once a month or a few times a year, our team can get the job done. Contact us today so we can get started!