Meet Dennis Lazicky, Committed to Success

At emi landscape, we are always excited for highly skilled professionals to join our team. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to one of our newest members, Dennis Lazicky. 

Despite Dennis being a relatively new member of the team, he certainly doesn’t lack experience. Through his dedicated time in the green industry, he has a profound understanding of everything landscaping. With 38 years of knowledge, he is happy to tell you about his long and winding career path (that is if you have a few minutes to spare) from contributing to the success of large companies like Brightview and TruGreen to even running his own business, it’s safe to say Dennis is an invaluable asset to our team. 

His commitment to success doesn’t just stop there. While juggling his career and being a dedicated father and husband, Dennis graduated with his Management degree from Devry University. In addition to his education, he is also OSHA30 certified and holds his pesticide applicators license. 

Dennis now puts his rich background to use as an Operations Team Manager here at emi. He’s an early riser and one of the first people to get into the office every morning to dispatch the maintenance and detail crews. He is passionate about focusing on his team members and learning the business side of the company with Bob, which he thinks is a nice change of pace coming from his corporate background. While he considers himself an autumn-loving kind of guy, he looks forward to managing his territory this snow season. 

One thing we noticed right off the bat is that Dennis takes safety seriously. He is already focusing on providing an update to the safety program here at emi. He will assist in getting the company up to date with robust training procedures, and ensure that everybody is certified on the operating equipment. Although Dennis doesn’t mind some time spent behind the computer screen, he says, “I love being out in the field, being out on the properties, being with the crews, and providing hands-on training.” 

Dennis was born and raised in East Millstone New Jersey where he has always been known to lend a helping hand. He spent 22 years volunteering as a firefighter at the Millstone Valley Fire Department. He even helped assist the secret service in providing protection for a former US President who visited his hometown. What can’t he do?! 

While Dennis loves New Jersey, he happily relocated here to Pennsylvania in 2004 to enjoy the laid-back and relaxing atmosphere that this state has to offer. When he finally takes a break, he loves going to his vacation home on Peach Lake where he enjoys boating, fishing, and relaxing with his family. 

Despite the promise of change at emi, Dennis finds things to be familiar at the same time. He says, “When I started talking with Bob and Cindy, I felt very comfortable with them and the potential with the company. I’m looking forward to seeing where we can take this company in the near future and beyond.” 

Let’s celebrate our newest member, Dennis!