Uline Distribution Center Turf Renovation

Founded over 40 years ago, Uline prides itself on being the leading provider of shipping, packaging, and industrial supplies in the US, Mexico, and Canada. This family-owned business has built its reputation by providing the highest quality of services to clients. This is why it comes as no surprise for these same standards to be expected from the vendors that service their facilities.

Understanding the Goal

Upon partnering with Uline, emi landscape quickly understood that there would be very low tolerance for poor quality. The existing turf was very inconsistent in appearance and health. No irrigation and new construction resulted in patches of dry, compacted soil, while other areas were lush and green. It was evident that the plan of action needed to be specialized for this site and it’s many needs.

The goal was to establish thick, weed-free turf. This was to be done through a multistep, but fairly quick process. A white-glove experience for the client was requested and to be delivered.

The Plan

Without irrigation, the real contingency of the plan was to ensure the seed germinated and therefore money, time, and resources were not wasted. We used a Ventrac Aera-vator to pulverize the compacted soil, allowing oxygen to move through. Then we followed with applying more than 250 bags of 100% rye grass seed, which has a 7-day germination period.

The timing was critical. Prior to bringing in the Aera-vator, existing weeds needed to be eliminated. However, most weed treatments require a waiting period before the seed is to be spread, in order to not impede germination. When selecting the herbicide, we knew it needed to be effective, heat tolerant, and allow an early re-entry period for seed. 

After carefully mapping out the project with the weather forecast, the timeline went as follows:

  • Herbicide Application *dry conditions required*
  • 21-day waiting period
  • Aera-Vator pulverizes soil
  • Rye grass seed spread
  • 7-day germination period *rain required*
  • Beginning to see new seed germinating and greening of turf!
  • Fertilize all turf areas once germination has begun

The Results

Mother nature provided, and we are seeing results! For long-term success, it is recommended to repeat this process whenever the turf is looking thin or dry. Without irrigation, periods of drought with cause the turf to naturally die off over time. The next step? Irrigation!

The results speak for themselves…

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