Winter Work from emi Landscape

There was a TV show not long ago that used to say ‘winter is coming.’ They said it quite a lot actually. And while I’ve gone through and erased that show from my memory thanks to its abysmal final season, credit where credit is due. Winter is in fact coming. 

emi landscape is based in Eastern Pennsylvania, and if you’ve spent a winter here, then you have a good idea of what that means. Cold and wind, buckets of snow and ice and sleet. And while that kind of weather can be great when you’re home all cozy with nowhere to be, a lot of us have jobs to do, and we can’t let snow or ice get in the way. 

At emi landscape, we consider snow and ice removal a critical part of operating a business. In the same way, your landscaping shows you care about your customers enough to make their visits especially pleasant, snow and ice removal ensures your customers can access your business and shows that you’ll do what it takes to meet their needs. 

That’s why we offer a range of services in the winter months to make sure your customers know they’ll be safe on your property.

Snow Plowing

We’ll say this first to get it out of the way, not everyone in Pennsylvania drives a 4X4. Snow buildup can reduce a car’s ability to get traction under the tires at less than one inch. So on those big days with big snowfall numbers, you want to make sure you’ve got someone out there clearing snow as it falls. 

Our snow removal service works with your business to establish a schedule. We know how your business operates and we can be sure your customers have access when they need it, open to close. We use professionally trained drivers operating industrial equipment that can clear large spaces, roads, and parking lots quickly and accurately. 

If your space is limited, you might also consider our snow-hauling service. With snow hauling, not only do we remove the snow from your parking areas, we haul it away too. This eliminates massive snow piles that eat up parking space and also reduces the risk of high winds spreading snow drift back on those areas we just cleared. 

Sidewalk Clearing and Ice Control

Those who grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania already know, sidewalks in winter get very slippery, very fast. Know who else knows that? Insurance companies. That’s because they receive a much larger amount of claims based on injuries suffered on sidewalks in winter than in summer. Which makes sense, doesn’t it? If your car slips on the ice and you hit the curb, the body of the car protects you. If you slip on the ice, you better hope you hit that snowdrift or it’s going to be a hard landing. 

Sidewalk clearing and ice control is the only way to ensure your walkways are as safe as possible in the winter months. Since ice tends to build up, it is best to clear it early and often.. emi landscape provides regular visits to your office to make sure your customers and employees are always safe on your sidewalks. 

Not only does this protect access to your business, it reduces your risk of a personal injury claim due to hazardous conditions. 

Salt and Brine

Salt is great, isn’t it? Not only does it make every food ever taste better, it also makes your slick roadways safer. It’s a miracle, right? emi landscape offers salt treatments along with our snow plowing and sidewalk services, to make sure cars can maintain their traction in your parking and driving areas. This service is so important and so critical to get right, we apply salt not once but twice! Once to prevent precipitation from bonding and one to remove any stubborn snow or ice. 

Additionally, emi landscape will ensure your walkways remain safe by using a combination of brine and calcium that will make sure your customers stay upright on your sidewalks. 

If you have any questions about these or any other of our winter services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. emi landscape prides ourselves on working around your schedule to ensure you and your customers always have access to your business when you need it. Our teams of snow removal professionals work hard for hundreds of customers around the Eastern Pennsylvania area, and we will work hard for you too.